so nice to meet you

 Hello everyone . . .


I have great news... I finally have my own blog. I've been reading blogs for so long, and everywhere you look, every new entry you read, there are wondefull ideas and great things being said and done. I too want to be a part of it. So a few days ago I opened an account, started taking pictures and making a list of things to share with you, and this is the first!!

 I just celebrated my 30th birthday! I'm lucky enough to live on a gorgeous tropical island, and special days are a great excuse to visit the beach. We spent the day out on the island of Culebra, PR, eating coconut cake with mounds of fluffy meringue and candied coconut on top (my mom went the extra mile and used fresh coconut milk!! ). It was the perfect day to share with all of you. I hope you will stay tuned for the caos that is sure to ensue. Enjoy the pictures, don't they make you want to dive right in??