last visit of the summer

hello everyone!!

Today I want to share with you a few pictures from my last visit to Rincon. 

If you've never been, its truly a special place. 

Even though its just 2 hours away from home, its feel miles away.

Its laid back, its by the sea and its serene, a welcome change of pace.

Its also a place that embraces and welcomes tourist, without overcrowding them or making it seem cheesy and forced.

We had breakfast at The English Rose Inn, best brunch I've had in a long time.
The eggs florentine were kicked up a notch with a curried hollandaise sauce and fresh homemade sausage. The french toast, with homemade bread of course!!

We stayed in an all white guest house, furnished with great antiques and massive pieces imported from 
india that really stand out in an very simple and fresh decor. 

(Think white gauzy curtains flowing with the help of a seaside breeze, white simple linens and great big rustic armoir next to the bed.)


Sadly it seems this was the last weekend we'll spend here for a while. It's so nice  to go away for a weekend and come back all refreshed and ready for the week. Oh well, until next time Rincon.

What's your favorite quick getaway?

 Ciao ciao, Natalia