crafting for baby showers

Hello everyone!

I love giving (and receiving) gifts that scream "I care, I really thought about this" And for me, the best and most appreciated gifts are hand made. There's a warm and fuzzy feeling attached things that are hand crafted. To me they say, I took the time, you are truly special. And even though I wish I had the time and the talent to hand make every single gift I give (otherwise there's Etsy), the truth is I don't. But every know and then, I make every effort to make that little special something, specially when it comes to babies...

... and who doesn't. They are the most adorable and tender gift, and when time permits, I like to make a special something for that very special someone.

Somewhere in between sewing and crocheting, these receiving blankets are great to make. I get to pick one of the thousands of gorgeous printed fabrics out there, and crochet a border around it (as complex or simple as time dictates). I have few friends due in the next months, so every spare second, every nap my son takes, every little break I take, I pull out the blankets and crochet a few inches. 

I just got started on this multicolored polka-dot flannel, but as you can see in the pictures above, I have a few more fabrics to go. I'll share a few more pictures with you as soon as I finish this blanket!!!

                                                                             Enjoy the rest of your  weekend!!!
                                                                                                  ciao ciao, natalia