Once upon a time..

... a mommy and a daddy set out to make the dreamiest of places
 for a tiny little baby that was soon to come.
Not knowing whether the magical room would be filled with 
dolls and tea parties or dragons and knights,
they decided to make everything gray and white.
And so the baby came, and quickly grew
and found for every little object in his room
a brand new use.
Once filled with diapers and wipes
the chest now hold his growing collection of cars.

Porcelain gifts from dear friends, 
had to be put away!!
He has grown so much
he can reach almost anything on his own.
Old silver rattles and cups, now sleep on a toy barn.
After all, an elephant is an animal to play with,
not a decoration.

Peanuts the elephant, came from the far away land of FAO Schwartz.
Even Oscar the Grouch had to find a new home. 
A trash can is no place for friend,
 but it is good enough for a game of basketball.

After thousands of naps and hours of play,
the time has come to give this little boy a brand new space.
A space to accommodate his new toys and his growing needs.
I wish I could keep  his room like this forever, but times change
and so must we.
                                                                             ciao ciao, natalia
All photos by me, please let me know if you would like to use them... Thank you!