once upon a time II

Good morning to you...
 Today I want to share with you a few more pictures of my son's room as I start to put things away, measure for new curtains, and prepare the space for a wonderful little boy.

This hand painted night stand is one of the most precious things in his room. It was once in a little girl's nursery, mine. I though about painting it for a little while, and then I decided it just looked better the way it is. 
A little detail on the chandelier, I think this one will go in my bedroom for now.

My mom brought this little blue box from a trip to Paris while I was still pregnant. The mobile has been hanging in my son's bedroom even since. Until today that is.
College Fund Piggy is what we call him!!!
all photos by me - please use wisely

I've been visiting blog after blog looking for fabulous ideas for the room, I'll be posting them soon.

Thanks for stopping by today, come back soon!!!

                            ciao ciao, natalia