lemon bars anyone?

hello everyone!!

 At my house this is a question that need not be asked. The second I start taking out my ingredients, my dad finds his way into the kitchen to ever so bluntly ask, " vas a hacer algo para mi?".

See, I love any and all sweet confections. From comforting cookies to heartwarming breads, and even the most delicate macaroons and opera cakes. I love all sugar and butter!


 Not my dad, he likes lemons. Lemon meringue pie, lemon drop cookies, lemon curd, and yes lemon bars. Lucky for us lemons grow very easily here in Puerto Rico. Lemon trees are a backyard staple for most families here.

I prefer the crumbly melt in your mouth (and hands) recipe in the magnolia bakery book. But my family prefers a bar that holds its shape til' the last bite, and the proven winner is the recipe in an old issue of Cook's Illustrated magazine (May 1998)


Now I'm not sure that I can give you the whole recipe. But I'll link you to their site (where you can sign up for a trial subscription) and give you a list a of ingredients.


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Have a great weekend everyone!!! Enjoy the last days of summer!!

ciao ciao, natalia

Lemon Bars (from Cook's Illustrated)

For the crust

1 3/4 c     All purpose flour
2/3c         confectioner sugar
1/4c         corn starch
3/4 tsp    salt
12 tbsp   unsalted butter

For the lemon filling

4           large eggs
1 1/3c  sugar
3 tbsp  all purpose flour
1 tsp     finely grated lemon zest
2/3c      lemon juice
1/3c      whole milk
1/8 tsp  salt