a project to live in

Hello everyone!!

 As you know, my husband and I just got a brand new home project. Yes, at this moment it is less of a home and more of a long term project. The house has been sitting there, all closed up for over a year, and in deteriorating conditions, but crazy lovebirds that we are, we decided it was the right project for us.
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Slightly afraid, and completley lost, we have begun the cleaning up process. The yard is now a blank canvas (so exited), and the house is empty inside. It was quite the mission to reap everything out only to find all sort of surprises. We found some good things, but mostly just a pile of problems and things to add to our to-do list.
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 I could go on all day, or to truly express the mess that we are in I could show you pictures. But I find it better and all the more inspiring to share with you some of the great ideas I've found floating around the web. Now I just need to find an architect to edit and compress so many features into our lovely home-to-be.

Moooi Amsterdam
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MS Living @ The Home Depot
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Eco chic bedroom designed by Oliver Heath
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image 9
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Pillows with Dyed Bands
via - Martha Stewart
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Can you tell I love all  things gray and white?? Have any pictures to share???

                                                                                 ciao ciao, natalia