sugar cookie monday

Hello everyone... so nice of you to stop by!!

Hope you had a wonderful weekend, and now to start the week off right, how about some sweet peanut butter and chocolate cookies?? As you might have noticed, there is a bit of recurring theme here. Since I usually have sugar cookie dough in my refrigerator, I like to start the week with home-baked goodness. And judging by the little sneaky hand in the picture above, my son does too.

These cookies start by baking about 1tsp. of cookie dough on  a mini muffin tin. As soon as they are done baking, poke the center of each cookie with the back of a wood spoon to make an indentation.
As soon as you do this, and while the cookies are still warm, drop 1 or 2 chocolate chips (I like Guirardelli, but use what you like) into each cookie and watch as they melt so deliciously! But wait there is more...


...when they are cool to the touch, place the cookies on a cooling rack and wait for them to cool completely. Using a spoon or a piping bag, fill the cookies with creamy peanut butter. To finish, place one more chocolate chip on top of the creamy peanut butter and, ENJOY!! 

I sure hope this sets the tone for a wonderful week!!

                               Thank you for stopping by, have a great day!
                                                                             ciao ciao, natalia

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