this is me

Ciao care!!!

 Today I want to share with you a wonderful blog I stumbled upon while practicing my Italian. Her name is Raffa and she blogs over at Il blog de Raffaella e le sue storie. A little over two weeks ago, she posted a very simple request, to send her or post a self-portrait, with or without yourself in the picture, and explain why this image represents you.
And so this is my official entry. 

I am a stay-at-home mom rediscovering the world with my two year old son. He has the most precious hands I have ever seen, and even the stickiest mess seems photo worthy to me. I took this picture a month ago while he was sitting on my lap enjoying a beach-side snack. And he taught me how to eat a granola bar "alla S." First you open and discard the wrapper, if the trash can happens to be next to you, great, otherwise yell "mamaaaaaa". Take the bar it both hands and squish it into a ball. Then you cry over the crumbs that have fallen on the sand and mom won't let you eat, only to realize 3.8 seconds later that you have your hands full of a yummy little snack, ready to be eaten!!! This are the little details that make my days inexplicably happy. Mi piacerebbe tantissimo scrivere tutto questo in Italiano, ma ho paura di sbagliare!! Ho dimenticato troppo!

To everyone else out there, now that you know the guidelines head on over to Raffa's blog and enter your picture. Deadline is September 30, so you still have time. Be sure to check out her blog to see other submissions!!!


                                                                                                     ciao ciao, natalia